2024-07 Release Notes

July 9, 2024

2024-07 Release Notes

Nolita 2.1 is now available for developers on GitHub or just by running npx nolita@latest.

What's new?

While a small version iteration, a lot's changed under the hood.

Additional model support

Our previous dependency packages for chat completion caught us unable to support all the models we've liked. In particular, Nolita was limited to Claude 2.1 support and local models were fairly limited. We've finally resolved that issue; you can use any Anthropic model currently available.

The obvious next step is local model support. You get the idea.

Replay sessions

Of note is a new method in the Page API, followRoute, which takes in a memory ID and replays the navigation steps across the remembered session. A "memory ID" is, of course, the same thing as page.pageId.

If you use the new --record flag in npx nolita, you can get an idea of the flow.

This ID can then be used with --replay (though it will only report that the replay was successful) or used in Nolita scripts. Our intention with this feature is allowing Nolita users to use Page.do() and Page.browse() for a session, dictating the trajectory in natural language, before treating the trajectory as a retained session for future runs.

Unified authentication

All authentication for Nolita is now done through npx nolita auth. In the past, you could provide Nolita keys (both model providers and HDR API access) via

  • environment variables;
  • a config.json file;
  • inline, as a flag to the npx nolita runner;
  • passed in each and every payload to the npx nolita serve server;
  • or passed in each and every call to the Nolita Page and Browse APIs

These all still work. We just recommend you set your keys once, with npx nolita auth, and then never think about them again. All our interfaces will look for saved keys if none are provided, including the server and any create projects, so the calls to Nolita are exclusively about managing agentic browser sessions, navigation, and trajectories.

What's next?

We've been busy with the upcoming hackathon. GrowthHax, set for this Saturday, has over a hundred people signed up and is co-sponsored by 645 Ventures and Skej, not to mention our initial partners at Betaworks.

We've been preparing to deploy a Python SDK for connecting with npx nolita serve sessions. Finally, as stated before, we believe that local models are an important part of Nolita's future, and we intend to add first-class functionality in the short-term.